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What changes have been made at Fred & Larry's?


Our kratom suppliers have increased prices to help pay legal fees. The legal fees are helping to fight the ban on kratom. Because of the increase in price two things at the store are impacted:

- Friday September the 9th will be the last friday night bogo island drink special until after September 30th. 

-Our powder prices as well our premade in store Kratom prices will be changed, the powder is now a dollar per gram as you can see in our online shopping section.


Despite overwhelming scientific evidence and first hand testimony of millions of americans in support of kratom's safety and efficacy, the DEA Administrator Chuck Rosenburg is trying to classify this TRADITIONAL TEA LEAF as a Schedule 1 drug. This would effectively turn millions of users Americans using this plant into felons overnight costing taxpayers millions of dollars while obliterating current federal research on the plant. Harsh penalties, such as a felony charge for possessing kratom (Mitragytna Speciosa) are ineffective, and they severely limit future prospects for jobs, housing, voting rights, food assistance, and education-prospects that can be permanently damaging while costing American  citizens tax revenue that is better spent on serious crime. 

The DEA is more interested in maintaining failed drug policies than in making decisions based on scientific evidence. The drug war is a failure. 

Kratom is a safe alternative with important medicinal uses and has changed the lives of so many Americans. Please contact the DEA, request an over sight hearing asking to delay this emergency action. I fear this action by the DEA will only lead to more tragic deaths of victims of the opiate epidemic by effectively casting them back into the current opioid and heroin epidemic. 

Tragically, everything stated above is just the beginning. The grim aftermath of the DEA's decision is something to seriously consider because we will ALL have to suffer for it. Apart from the issues listed above that as a nation will be immediately dealing with as a result of this type of ignorant action, there will be a tsunami of copycat synthetics that will flood into the U.S. The new class of synthetic will only be afforded to those who were originally peacefully taking a historically safe natural plant. 

It goes without saying how dangerous synthetic drugs are but if elected officials, organizations, and the American public do not act now, a dark new chapter in the failed War on Drugs will spur the overwhelming opioid/ heroin epidemic into a spiral that will leave current and future generations of Americans in despair, Take action now and preserve your right to nature's most precious gift. 

The below links can help you in the fight against

For more info on kratom we incourage all of our customers to do their own research to decide what fits his/hers individual needs. Here are a few links to get you started. 




American Kratom Association

At this time we are unable to ship Kratom products to Indiana, Wisconsin, Vermont, Ohio, and Tennessee.
*Not for internal use or human consumption