Fred and Larry's Coffee

We are two brothers who love great coffee and espresso drinks. One day after getting a cup of unsatisfying coffee we sat down with our wives and started dreaming up our idea of a perfect coffee shop. We envisioned a place where every drink was satisfying from plain black coffee to flavored espresso drinks. We talked about creating an environment where all people are welcome and feel comfortable, where the arts are appreciated and where great music is played, visual art on the walls is stimulating, and the smell of coffee fills the air. We set out to find the best local roaster, lucky for us we found Conrad's coffee! We love our roaster! We searched out the best equipment to prepare espresso, we tested out many roasts, flavored syrups, different milks, recipes, and finally opened our little 400 sq ft coffee shop on January 28, 2012. Since then we have been able to make thousands of great drinks for locals and many visitors from all across the country. Great coffee is our passion. A line out the door for our drinks makes us happy and grateful. This website is being put together so we can allow all of our coffee fans from far away to order our products and enjoy them at home. Thank you for your support.